Emballage alimentaire

Emballage alimentaire

Needs are varied and individual.   This is why Eco2Bureau has brought together a large variety of eco-friendly and compostable packaging solutions aimed uniquely for food packaging needs. You trying to package a fresh pint of blueberries, or maybe green beans and tomatoes?  We will find a compostable solution to suit your needs  Maybe you need packaging for a prepared potato, vegetable or fruit salads?  We offer a variety of solutions for these as well.  They can be transparent round, square or rectangular deli containers, or maybe even transparent clamshell container. In addition, we have compostable bags that are that can be used for herbs, spices flours and soups.  Give us a description of your pour product, and we will propose solutions to meet your needs.  There are some sizes available as \"stock\" items, but they can also be \"custom\" made for your specific needs, keeping in mind that your products will be packaged in green and compostable packaging. We can help as our products all eco-friendly and compostable. Feel free to contact us so that we can discuss your needs.

Contenants delis

Let us show you the different shapes and sizes of compostable deli containers you need.  Feel free to ask any question that you may have.  They can be used for cold and room temperature applications.

They range between 8oz and 64 oz. 

They come in square, round and rectangular varieties, which have separate lids.  The rectangular ones also have the option of having the lids attached.

Bols a salade

Our eco-friendly salad bowls come in five different styles and multiple sizes.  This will give you the variety and the options that you need.  The available compostable containers that can be used for salads are Just Fresh(3 sizes), Biogo(4 sizes), EcoPack(3 sizes), SeeShell(2 sizes) and Versapak(11 formats).

Use them to present your salads in a display case, or for your clients to just take home their meal.  They will enjoy the style and appreciate their meal more knowing it is served in a compostable container

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Cabarets pour fruits et legumes

Our fiber and compostable plastic based trays and containers are now available to replace those made with styrofoam.

Use the fiber trays and containers to support your display of fruits and vegetables.  Being made of fiber, the extra humidity is absorbed, thus removed from the food and surrounding air.  There is also a 1 (one) pint compostable plastic container.  Use them for your blueberries, raspberries and other similar products. 

Contact us for any information about these products.

Sacs compostables

Maybe you are looking for eco-friendly and compostable bags to package your nuts and dried fruits.   You might need a bag to package your home cooked soup.  You might even need some bags to package pot pourri?

Do not let us limit your imagination.  These bags can be used in a large variety of applications!  Bring your ideas to the table, and we will show you how we can find an eco-friendly solution.

We can help, and our bags are all compostable.

Feel free to contact us and we can discuss your needs.