Assiettes, ustensiles et cure dents

Our high quality plates are made from bagasse.  They are strong and resistant plates that can be used in a variety of settings, including:

  • Festivals
  • Bureau
  • service de traiteur
  • Restaurants
  • La maison

They come in a variety of sizes from 6″ up to 12″ in both standard round and oval shapes.

Our utensils are strong enough for most needs.  Whether you need for a special event of 2000 people, or take out for a restaurant, our quality utensils will work for you.  Our line of compostable utensils are made from PLA.  They are  strong and resistant and can be used for anything from:

  •  Pique-nique
  • Bureau
  • Service de traiteur
  • Festivals
  • Restaurants

We offer tooth pick made from both wood and compostable corn plastic.  You choose which is best for your needs!

Assiette - format    
6"1000 par caissefourchette - 6" et 7"1000 par caisse
7"1000 par caissecuillière 6" et 7"1000 par caisse
9"500 par caissecouteau - 6" et 7"1000 par caisse
9" - 3 compartements500 par caissecuilliere à dégustation 3 1/2"5000 par caisse
10"500 par caisseFourchette à dégustation 4"2000 par caisse
10" - 3 compartements500 par caisseFourchette à 2 piques - en boisCaisse de 10000
Boite de 1000
Cure-dents en bois - emballage individuelboite de 1000
Cure-dents en boisboite de 1000