Taste Testing products

Taste Testing products

Sharing the taste of a new product can be in important step for any food transformation business, whether they are a start up, or a multinational corporation.

Showing the public what your new products are, as well as shining a light on current products are important steps in demonstrating the high quality and great taste of your food product or drink.

It is also important to show the public that not only do you have high quality products, but also you want to send a strong message by using only eco-friendly and compostable material to perform all of your taste testing activities.

Here at Eco2Bureau, we carry only eco-friendly and compostable products, including a full line of taste testing products for all of your promotional activities.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

Hot and Cold Cups

Our products include cold and hot cups for all types of great tasting beverages.

Portion Cups

We also have a variety of portion cups to sample your delicious cookies, chips, salads and other healthy products that you want to promote.

Utensils & Picks

There are also the need to serve your soft and tasty bread, cheese or other products with tooth picks or wooden sticks.

We also have a variety of utensils that range from 3” to 7”, and are made from wood or biodegradable plastic! These can be used to serve nutritious soups, salads or other types of prepared foods.

All served on a ...

Some food products are just better or easier served on something. This why we also have plates and napkins for those products that do not fit in anything.

Yes, these are all eco-friendly and compostable too!

The variety of taste testing products is large to suit for many applications.  If you are looking anything related, please let us know.  We can help find what you are looking for and work together to better serve your needs.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions!